Samuel R. Galloway

Samuel R. Galloway, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Purchase College (SUNY). They teach courses in political theory and American politics. Their courses explore topics such as protest, media, biopolitics, law, aesthetics, and ideology at the intersections of race, sexuality, gender, class, ability, and citizenship. Recent syllabi are available here.

Dr. Galloway’s research examines questions of democracy, sovereignty, and solidarity in contemporary and canonical political thought and practice. They are currently completing their first book manuscript, Cruising Politics: Affect, Assemblage, Agonism, which offers a queer critical theoretical account of how 21st century American politics is being shaped by the fleeting, anonymous, and public affairs of agonistic democrats, from Anonymous hacktivism to Black Lives Matter protest.

An article from this project has been published with Theory and Event, “Queering Amor Mundi: Love, Loss, and Democratic Politics.” Additional information about Dr. Galloway’s research is available here. Works in progress and stand-alone musings are also housed on their research blog, which is available here.

When they are not reading, writing, or teaching, they are likely playing guitar, cycling, dancing, or hiking and birdwatching with their husband.

They can be contacted through this website (here).

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